12 Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Migraine Attack

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Billions of people experience migraine attacks worldwide. Unfortunately, the latest statistics don’t account for people who aren’t aware that they have migraine. Are you among these individuals? If yes, you’re probably struggling to find an effective remedy too and haven’t heard yet about upper cervical care in Trinity.

Let’s help you understand your symptoms better with our list of twelve tell-tale signs of a migraine attack. Hopefully, by getting to know the different signs of migraine, you can improve your patient care plan. 

1. Food cravings

Sudden food cravings are usually signs of an impending migraine attack. According to studies, this specific symptom occurs during the prodrome or pre-headache phase. If you notice a few accompanying prodrome symptoms such as yawning, sound sensitivity, and frequent urination, we suggest preparing yourself for the onset of your migraine episode. 

2. Aura

Some people aren’t aware that they have migraine because they don’t experience pain. Doctors, upper cervical chiropractors, and neurologists refer to this as silent migraine. It’s a rare form of migraine that only afflicts 5 percent of patients and causes visual and sensory auras such as: 

  • Visual disturbances (seeing sparkles, spots, bright lights, or wavy lines)
  • Chills and hot flashes
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sore or tender neck and jaw
  • Confusion
  • Sensory sensitivity
  • Muscle tingling or numbness

3. Eye pain

Because migraine is a highly complex health problem, it can impact various body parts besides the head. Notably, some patients experience eye pain accompanied by other visual problems such as: 

  • Blurry vision
  • Temporary blindness
  • Visual aura
  • Light sensitivity

4. Throbbing headache 

A pulsating or throbbing headache is, without a doubt, the most apparent symptom of a migraine attack. Sometimes, the pain only affects one side of the head. However, if you have chronic migraines, you might experience the sensation on both sides. 

5. Sleeping problems 

Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and teeth grinding are all pretty common sleeping problems that migraineurs experience. Unfortunately, it becomes extra challenging to sleep or stay asleep because of these things. They also increase the risk of having worse pain, headaches, and other migraine symptoms. 

6. Neck pain

Have you ever heard of cervicogenic headaches? This type of headache develops because of a painful neck. Essentially, the throbbing sensation begins at the base of the neck and spreads to other head parts. According to studies, neck pain usually indicates cervical subluxation—one of the most significant contributors to a worsening migraine attack. 

7. Nausea and vomiting

A survey asked 500 respondents, and it revealed that about 90 percent are nauseous and 70 percent vomit before a migraine attack. Doctors explained that nausea and vomiting occurred because patients felt unwell to eat. Also, it might have something to do with the increased serotonin levels in the blood during a migraine episode. 

8. Digestion problems

Some patients report constipation and diarrhea during their migraine episodes. These digestive problems can increase the risk for worse migraines because they increase gut permeability and trigger an inflammatory response.   

9. Stress and anxiety 

Did you know that depression, stress, and anxiety are more common in people who experience migraines than those who don’t? Some studies associate this trend with the intense and crippling pain that a migraine episode causes. Meanwhile, others note that it might be due to abnormal brain activities during the attack. 

10. Frequent urination

Frequent trips to the bathroom are sometimes indicators of an impending migraine episode. American Migraine Foundation notes that it occurs a few hours or several days before the headache phase.  

11. Excessive daytime sleepiness

A study discovered that migraine attacks worsen because of excessive daytime sleeping. According to the findings, 19.6 percent of people who experience excessive daytime sleepiness suffer from chronic and severe migraine headaches. 

12. Speech issues

Slurred speech and aphasia are usual speech problems before, during, and after a migraine episode. Studies strongly associate these problems with the widespread changes in the brain and nerve communication pathways that develop due to migraines.


Relieve Your Migraines with Upper Cervical Care in Trinity

There you have it! What do you think about our list of migraine symptoms? How many have you experienced? If you experience most of these symptoms, you likely have migraines, and you should consider seeing a doctor for a quick check-up. It might also help to visit a chiropractor who practices upper cervical care in Trinity. 

After all, upper cervical chiropractic is one of the leading remedies for chronic migraines. It works by addressing postural imbalances and eliminating interferences inside your central nervous system. 

The chiropractic adjustment process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on how long you’ve had the cervical subluxation. But, once you retrain your cervical spine, you will notice significant improvements in your migraine episodes. 

Rest assured that it won’t cause any pain and discomfort because neck chiropractors like Dr. Dustin Dingus perform a comprehensive neck structure analysis. This will allow you to ease your C1 and C2 neck bones without using excessive force or strain on your spine.  

Ready to explore upper cervical care in Trinity? Visit us and undergo upper cervical diagnostic tests so you can begin receiving upper cervical adjustments! 

For more information, you may visit our practice at West Pasco Chiropractic Clinic at 1928 Duck Slough Blvd Trinity, FL 34655. You can also call (727) 514-8532 or send an email online.


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