Don't Let Neck Pain Stop You From Enjoying Life

There are a lot of patients seeking neck pain relief in Trinity FL. Sadly, this isn't surprising because about 50% of people in the US frequently complain of an achy neck. While the neck can endure physical stress, problems can most certainly arise when you have postural imbalances such as cervical bone misalignments. This can limit your neck and head’s range of motion and prevent you from doing things you like, such as spending time with your family or going on a long drive across the country.  

Thankfully, it’s now possible to relieve a painful neck with simple solutions like doing gentle neck exercises and exploring upper cervical chiropractic. Learn more about both options below.


Relieving Neck Pain with Exercises

Neck exercises are among the most straightforward ways to achieve neck pain relief in Trinity FL. They also won’t take too much of your time but can provide you with maximum benefits such as protection from additional injuries and long-term pain relief. Here are some neck exercises you can try: 

Shoulder Rolls

You can do this while standing or sitting down. First, keep your feet at shoulder-width apart, with your back straight. Then, start rolling both of your shoulders up and down in a smooth and slow motion without stopping. We suggest moving your shoulders backward first for five times, then for another five counts in the opposite direction. 

Exercising your shoulders strengthens the muscles supporting your neck; it's an essential and straightforward exercise to help keep your shoulders and joints mobile. This may be a fun dance move in the future too! Who says stretching isn't fun?

Neck Drop and Raise

Choose whether it's comfortable to do this while standing up or sitting on a chair. Start by slowly moving your head forward until your chin touches your chest. Stay in this position for about five to ten seconds before returning to your starting position. Then, slowly tilt your head backward and hold it for five to ten seconds. Do this repeatedly in both directions for at least five times.

When you do this exercise, you help increase the flexibility and movement of your neck's front and back muscles. However, we recommend taking extra precautions when doing this. Make sure you don't press on too much if you feel slight discomfort. Also, adjust the movements according to how your body responds.

Neck Retraction

This works best while sitting on a chair and keeping your shoulders backward with your back straightened. Look straight in front and pull your chin inwards. Hold this position for up to ten seconds. You should feel the neck muscles stretch while holding this pose for about five to ten seconds. Go back to your starting position and do it again five times. Neck retraction will help develop the back of your neck.

Head Tilt

Head tilt exercise is another set of movements you can do while standing or sitting down. Slowly tilt your head to face your right shoulder while keeping your left shoulder down. Hold this exercise for five to ten seconds, and once done, return your head to the center and repeat the move towards the left. Do this about five times on each side to stretch the side muscles of your neck. 

Neck Rotation

This is an excellent routine to add while warming up for a workout session. It also makes a perfect stretching activity for a stiff neck. To do this, you will need to sit in a chair or stand up while maintaining a good posture. Next, tilt your head towards the right and slowly twist them towards the left side and front. 

Do this slowly and enjoy every stretch from different angles. Then, go back to your center position and do the same thing starting from the left side. Do this routine five times on each side for that much-needed neck stretch.


Cervical Chiropractic: Your Natural Option for Neck Pain Relief in Trinity FL

Suppose you have regularly done the exercises listed above, yet you still have a stiff and throbbing neck. In that case, you can try consulting with an upper cervical chiropractic physician like Dr. Dingus. Upper cervical care is a scientifically proven source of neck pain relief in Trinity FL. It involves doing a detailed assessment of the C1 and C2 neck bones to determine if they might be the reason for your chronic and recurring neck pain. 

Our upper cervical chiropractic doctor will also look into your medical history to check for previous neck or head trauma and determine other contributing factors to the neck pain. 

Like most upper cervical care patients, you likely also have a cervical spine misalignment. But, we need to run some tests to confirm and measure the degree of your C1 and C2 bone misalignments. Once we have what we need, we can provide you with precise and targeted upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to address your condition.


Seek Professional Help from West Pasco Chiropractic Clinic

If we find a misalignment in your upper cervical spine, our doctor will use gentle and precise adjustments to put them back in place. We promise to take care of you and introduce a different approach to healing the body so you can enjoy total neck pain relief in Trinity FL. Book your consultation with us now by calling (727) 514-8532 or by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Dingus through our online form.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Dingus, call our Trinity office at 727-514-8532. You can also click the button below.

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