How Aging Affects the Cervical Spine

cervical spine, chiropractor for neck pain in Trinity

Has your neck pain worsened now that you’ve reached your golden years? Are you concerned that it might indicate something that warrants emergency care or professional help? Have you canceled weekend barbecues, football watch parties, or mall dates with your grandkids because of neck pain? Do you suspect having degenerative disc diseases?

While it might seem like your situation will go downhill from here, you might want to spare a few hours to consult with a chiropractor for neck pain in Trinity to learn more about your condition and how aging plays into everything. 

As we always remind our patients, aging is an inevitable part of life. But thankfully, there are ways you can ease into this new chapter so you can still spend a lot of time with your loved ones without worrying too much about pain.


The Cervical Spine: How it Changes As You Age

The cervical spine or neck gets worn out over time. Think of the bones, joints, and ligaments as cogs in a machine frequently exposed to friction. As you reach a certain age, the quality and integrity of these structures also change.

Unfortunately, the degradation of such body parts will speed up significantly if you’ve suffered from whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, or concussions when you were younger. 

That’s because the slightest force on the neck bones can impact the ligaments that support them, increasing postural misalignments or cervical subluxation risks. When this happens, the bones tug on nearby structures like the other spinal bones, nerves, muscle fibers, ligaments, and blood vessels. 

Left unresolved, these “invisible” damages to the neck during your young and tender years can cause resounding impacts on your current and future condition. 

For example, the joints can degrade much faster because of the abnormal alignment of the bones and increased inflammation in the area. It can also set off nerve compression in various regions of the spine, causing you to experience burning or searing pain that prevents you from moving around with great ease. 

In the long run, other health mishaps, like chronic fatigue, widespread body pain, painful headaches, and disorienting vertigo attacks, might also occur.

cervical spine, chiropractor for neck pain in Trinity

Talk to a chiropractor for neck pain in Trinity to know your options

If you’ve spent most of your life neglecting your cervical spine, now is the time to change your perspective. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for neck pain in Trinity so you can assess your atlas and axis bone alignment and determine if you might need to receive Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments. 

Many patients who have sought this care regimen swear by the benefits they enjoyed, like more time with their family, revitalized energy, and lesser pain and suffering. If you haven’t considered consulting with a chiropractor for neck pain yet, we suggest reviewing our questions list. Try asking yourself these questions and see if you resonate with any of them:

  • Have you tried other forms of neck pain relief but didn’t see desirable results?
  • Are you tired of depending on pain medications to cope when the symptoms worsen?
  • Do you want more time in your garden to tend to your veggies or ornamental shrubs?
  • Do you want to stop missing out on family trips, cruises, and whatnot because of neck pain?
  • Do you want to enjoy your sunset days doing the things you love most?

The decision lies in your hands. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Dustin Dingus and learn how to be free from neck pain and other problems caused by cervical subluxation by filling out our online contact form.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Dingus, call our Trinity office at 727-514-8532. You can also click the button below.

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