Upper Cervical Care

Upper cervical chiropractic care is extremely specialized and vitally important. The care is “specific” because of the unique structure and function of the upper cervical spine–the Atlas and the Axis. These two vertebrae, unlike any other in the spine, are primarily held in place by ligaments and muscles, instead of bone. While this allows for greater mobility, structural stability is susceptible to misalignments from traumas such as falls, auto accidents, sports injuries, and birth traumas. Misalignments at this level may produce irritation to the brain stem and nervous system, and compromise an individual’s health.
Due to the global effect of an upper cervical misalignment, a delicate and specified protocol is necessary when examining and caring for each patient. The manifestations of an upper cervical misalignment are far-reaching. Therefore, the objective of the Upper Cervical protocol is to accurately identify the position of the vertebrae.

What To Expect

First Step

The first step is an initial consultation with the doctor to go over your comprehensive health history.

A complete and thorough chiropractic physical examination administered by our chiropractor will then follow. This will include postural measurements to identify asymmetries (imbalance). Dr. Dustin can now determine if he can help you.

If he feels he can help you, you will then receive 3 to 5 specific cervical x-rays. Dr. Dustin will then analyze these images to determine the specific nature of your upper cervical misalignment. With this information Dr. Dustin can now safely deliver a precise correction to realign your head and neck & restore postural alignment.

Second Step

Once Dr. Dustin has identified the problem he will start by showing you his findings on your x-rays.

You will be given a comprehensive explanation as to how your specific upper cervical misalignment is altering your posture, creating symptoms & affecting your health.

You will then receive a correction or an ‘adjustment’ by the doctor based on the specific calculations from your upper cervical x-rays. This is an accurate ‘light touch’ specific method of care making it extremely safe & effective. There is no twisting or rotating of the patients head and neck during treatment.

Third Step

After your upper cervical correction, Dr. Dustin will then determine the effectiveness of the treatment by measuring structural/postural changes made by the adjustment. He expects you to see & feel the positive changes made after care. It is at this point he will offer his advice & recommendation on how to effectively ‘hold’ your alignment. This will be accomplished through potential diet, exercise & any other necessary lifestyle/activities of daily living modifications. In addition, as the best chiropractor, Dr. Dustin works with a network of other health care professionals. He is willing to work together with other health care professionals to facilitate successful outcomes & happy, healthy patients.

Patients are often amazed at how fast their posture & symptoms both improve.

Each patient has a specific unique musculoskeletal distortion pattern. Some factors to consider during patient care management are: the severity of the misalignment, the duration of time the spine has been distorted, and degenerative changes made to the body.

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